The History Minor

Requirements for the History Minor

Minor Planning Worksheet

History Minor Worksheet (PDF)

The history minor requires eight courses, five of which must be upper-division (HIS 100-199). The remaining three requirements may be satisfied by lower or upper-division history courses.

Course Substitutions

At least five of the minor requirements must be satisfied by regular UCSC History Department courses. A maximum of three courses from the categories listed below may be substituted:

Declare the History Minor

1. Check-in with Your Major Adviser

Complete a Petition for Major/Minor Declaration and a UCSC Academic Planning Form with your major adviser. You must complete this step, even if you've already declared your major in a previous quarter. Your Petition for Major/Minor Declaration and UCSC Academic Planning Form must be signed and dated by your major adviser within one quarter of petitioning to declare the history minor.

2. Create a History Minor Plan

Did You Know...

The history major only requires four more classes than the minor?

Fill out a History Minor Worksheet to the best of your ability. Include history courses you've completed, are currently taking, and plan on taking in the future. Requirements that you intend on satisfying after Spring 2020 may be left blank on your worksheet.

3. Meet with the History Adviser

Meet with the History Undergraduate Adviser during drop-in advising hours to submit your History Minor Worksheet, Petition for Major/Minor Declaration, and UCSC Academic Planning Form. You are now officially declared!