History Minor

Students whose major area of study is not history may nonetheless find that a minor in history makes an invaluable contribution to their studies.

Minor Requirements

Minor Planning Worksheet

Copy a History Minor Planning Worksheet to your UCSC Google Drive.

The history minor requires eight unique courses:

  • Three lower-division (HIS–HIS 99) and/or upper-division (HIS 100–HIS 199) history courses;
  • Five upper-division (HIS 100–HIS 199) history courses.

Students may apply whichever eight history courses they wish to their minor, as long as a minimum of five are upper-division. There are no concentrations or distribution requirements, and there is no comprehensive requirement for the history minor.

Courses applied to the minor must be completed with grades of Pass, C (2.0 GPA), or better. A maximum of two Pass (P) courses may be applied to the history minor.

Course Substitutions

History minors must take a minimum of five regularly scheduled history courses from members of the UC Santa Cruz History Department faculty. A maximum of three courses from the categories listed below may be petitioned to satisfy history minor requirements:

History Minor Declaration Instructions

1. Declare Your Major or Check-in with Your Major Advisor

Did You Know...

The history major only requires four more courses than the minor?

  • Declaring your major and history minor in the same quarter: Obtain an approved UCSC Academic Planning Form from your major advisor when you declare.
  • Declaring your history minor after you've declared a major: Meet with your major advisor to create or update your UCSC Academic Planning Form. Your UCSC Academic Planning Form must be current and up to date—reviewed and approved by your major advisor within the last academic quarter—to declare the history minor.

2. Submit a Petition for Major/Minor via MyUCSC

Log into MyUCSC (very important first step!) and submit a Petition for Major/Minor. You will be contacted by email within 5-7 business days with further instructions on how to declare your minor.
This petition can also be accessed by navigating to the Student Homepage in MyUCSC and selecting the Undergraduate Student eForms tile > Petition for Major/Minor.