Petitioning Study Abroad Courses

Courses completed via the UC Education Abroad Program that are not already pre-approved to satisfy history major or minor requirements may be petitioned. Save course syllabi, reading lists, your class notes, papers, tests, etc. These materials will help you successfully petition your study abroad courses.

Important Reminders

Up to three courses completed abroad may apply to your history major or minor requirements. Each course must transfer to UCSC for a minimum of 4 quarter units and must also be passed with a C (or equivalent) or better.

When to Submit Your Petition

Courses that you are seeking history major/minor credit for must appear on your UCSC academic record before they may be petitioned. It can take up to four months after the official end of your UCEAP program for your study abroad courses and grades to appear on your UCSC academic record.

How to Submit Your Petition

Submit a unique UCSC History Department Study Abroad Course Petition per course. You will need the following information and materials to complete your petition:

  • The discipline, course number, and title of the course(s) your are petitioning. E.g., XHIS 114, Modern Brazil.
  • Your final grade for the course(s).
  • Supplementary course materials, preferably a syllabus and reading list. You may also wish to include your class notes, papers, tests, etc. if you think doing so will support your petition. You may attach up to three unique PDF, document, or image files to your petition.
  •  The UCEAP Course Catalog HTML links to the course(s) you are petitioning, if available.

Please note: Courses most likely to be approved are those that are standard course offerings in history. Interdisciplinary courses or courses in other fields of study (e.g., political science, European studies, anthropology, etc.) are assessed in terms of whether the preponderance of the readings, lectures, and course requirements are clearly applicable to your area of study.

Questions about this petition? Contact the History Undergraduate Program Coordinator.