Study Abroad with UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP)

History students are enthusiastically encouraged to study abroad! In addition to experiencing cultures shaped by centuries of historical events (that you've likely read about), studying abroad provides you with a unique opportunity to gain important life and work experience. Students who participate in the UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP) can select from 40 different countries (and counting) and over 150 different program options. Most programs offer history courses that are readily applied to your major or minor requirements!

Several UCEAP programs also have language acquisition, internship, and research opportunities.

Academic Planning for Study Abroad

You can readily create an academic plan that incorporates study abroad, no matter where you'd like to go or for how long you'd like to participate. Short or long term programs, including summer, quarter, semester, or year-long, are available. Some history students have even studied abroad up to three separate times! Mention study abroad the next time you meet with the History Undergraduate Program Coordinator to create a plan that works for you!

UCEAP Public Course Catalog

The UCEAP Public Course Catalog lists courses previously completed by UCEAP students and indicates how many lower or upper division UC quarter units each course was awarded upon transfer.

Up to three courses completed abroad may apply to your history major or minor requirements. Courses must transfer back to UCSC for a minimum of 4 quarter units each and must also be passed with a C (or equivalent) or better.

Several courses offered abroad are pre-approved to apply to the history major. Courses completed abroad that are not already pre-approved may be petitioned.

You can expect to satisfy requirements abroad that correspond with the country and/or region that you are studying in. For example, an Americas and Africa history major studying abroad in Germany can plan on satisfying their Europe and the Mediterranean World breadth requirements abroad.

Study abroad courses with a UC number 1 - 99 may apply to lower division requirements, and courses with a UC number 100 and up may apply to upper division requirements.

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