Declaring the History Major

Students who enter UCSC as frosh are required to declare a major before enrolling in their third year (or equivalent). Upper division transfer students are required to declare a major by their second term at UCSC. Consult the UCSC Academic and Administrative Calendar for the quarterly "Declaration/Change of Major/Minor" deadline. Students who do not declare a major by the aforementioned deadlines will be restricted from enrolling in their classes for the following term.

The history major does not have any qualification requirements. Students who plan on majoring in history are encouraged to declare as soon as possible. It is advisable to complete at least one lower-division history course before declaring, but it is not required.

1. Complete a Petition for Major/Minor Declaration

Download the Petition for Major/Minor Declaration from the UCSC Undergraduate Advising website. Complete the petition to the best of your ability. Be sure to indicate your expected graduation term (EGT) on the petition. Your EGT can be found in your Student Advising Summary on your MyUCSC Student Portal.

2. Complete a History Major Planning Worksheet

Download a History Major Planning Worksheet (MPW) for your chosen region of concentration, plan of study, and catalog year:

What are Catalog Years?

"Catalog years" or "catalog rights" are terms that describe the degree requirements in effect for a specific academic year. You may choose to complete the degree requirements in effect the year you started at UCSC or the requirements established in subsequent years.

More information about Catalog Rights may be found on the UCSC Office of the Registrar website. Questions about your history major catalog year may be directed to the History Undergraduate Program Coordinator.

Catalog Years Fall 2015 - Spring 2018

Standard History Major

Intensive History Major

Catalog Years Fall 2018 - Present

Standard History Major

Intensive History Major

  • Americas and Africa
  • Asia and the Pacific
  • Europe and the Mediterranean World

Complete your MPW to the best of your ability.* Be sure to include courses you’ve completed, are currently enrolled in, and plan to take in the future.

If you need help remembering what major requirements your history courses satisfy, consult the History Catalog of Course Requirements appropriate for your catalog year: Fall 2015 - Spring 2018 or Fall 2018 - Present. Use the 2018-2019 History Undergraduate Curriculum to plan your history courses for the 2018-2019 academic year. Note: You do not have to indicate a projected history enrollment plan beyond Spring 2019. Major requirements that you intend on satisfying after Spring 2019 may be left blank on your MPW.
*If you need help, consult the history major requirements when completing your DPW.

3. Petition to Declare the History Major

Submit your completed Petition for Major/Minor Declaration and History Degree Progress Worksheet to Stephanie Sawyer, the History Undergraduate Program Coordinator during drop-in advising hours. Stephanie will review both forms, answer any questions you have about the history major or its requirements, and formally declare you in the major.

4. Declare Additional Major(s)/Minor(s) (OPTIONAL)

If you are planning a double major or major/minor plan of study, you will need to complete both major declaration processes and complete a UCSC Academic Planning Form. Use one Petition for Major/Minor Declaration and one UCSC Academic Planning Form to document both of your plans of study. Submit each form to both of your major/minor advisers for review and approval.

If you declared a major in a previous quarter and are petitioning to add history as a second major, you are required to complete step four before proceeding to step three. Checking in with your other major adviser and obtaining an updated Petition for Major/Minor Declaration and UCSC Academic Planning Form before meeting with the history undergraduate program coordinator ensures that the addition of the history major will not negatively impact your current degree progress.

5. Attend a History Undergraduate Advising Social

All new history majors are required to attend at least one Undergraduate Advising Social in the year they formal declare the history major.

Questions about declaring the history major? Contact Stephanie Sawyer, History Undergraduate Program Coordinator.