History Major Declaration Instructions

***The history major does not have any qualification requirements. History majors are encouraged to declare early! You are advised (but not required) to complete at least one lower division history course (HIS 1 - 99) before declaring.***

STEP 1. Submit a Petition for Major/Minor via MyUCSC

Log into MyUCSC (very important first step!) and submit a Petition for Major/Minor.
This petition can also be accessed by navigating to the Student Homepage in MyUCSC and selecting the Undergraduate Student eForms tile > Petition for Major/Minor.

Planning Tools

You may find it helpful to reference the major requirements for your region of concentration when creating your history plan:

History majors typically take 1-2 history courses per quarter.

STEP 2. Create a History Major Course Plan

2a. If you don't already have one, copy a History Major Planning Worksheet appropriate for your plan of study to your UCSC Google Drive:

2b. Add your completed, in-progress, and future history courses to your History Major Planning Worksheet:
  • Completed Courses: If you need help remembering what requirement(s) your completed UCSC history courses satisfy, consult the History Catalog of Course Requirements.
  • Current and Future Courses: Use the Fall 2022 - Spring 2023 Undergraduate History Courses list to identify history courses you're taking in Fall 2022, and history courses you're planning on taking in Winter 2023 and Spring 2023. Look for the page tabs located in the upper left corner of your browser window to see history courses offered in Winter and Spring 2023. Select 1-2 history courses per quarter and add them to your History Major Planning Worksheet.

Major requirements that you intend on completing after Spring 2023 may be left blank on your worksheet. Don't worry about making your plan perfect, just try your best!

2c. Share your completed History Major Planning Worksheet with the History Undergraduate Program Coordinator. Be sure the "Notify people" box is checked.

STEP 3. Virtually Meet with the History Advisor

Schedule an advising appointment with the History Undergraduate Program Coordinator using Navigate Slug Success. Select "Declaring/Adding/Changing a Major/Minor" as the reason for your appointment. During your appointment you will have an opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback or suggestions on your history major plan. You are now officially declared!

OPTIONAL: Double Major or Minor Declaration

To declare a double major or a minor, you must also complete a UCSC Academic Planning Form with both of your major/minor advisors. If you don't already have one, the History Undergraduate Program Coordinator will provide you with a signed UCSC Academic Planning Form during your declaration advising appointment.

To add history as a second declared major, your UCSC Academic Planning Form must be current and up to date: reviewed and approved by your first major advisor within the last academic quarter. You may need to update your UCSC Academic Planning Form with your first major advisor before petitioning to declare history as a second major.

Major Declaration Deadlines

Students who enter UCSC as frosh are required to declare a major before enrolling in their third year (or equivalent). Upper division transfer students are required to declare a major by their second term at UCSC. Consult the UCSC Academic and Administrative Calendar for the quarterly "Declaration/Change of Major/Minor" deadline. Students who do not declare a major by the aforementioned deadlines will not be able to enroll in their classes for the following term.

Questions about declaring the history major? Contact the History Undergraduate Program Coordinator.