Internship Opportunities

Interning helps you explore the world of work in a professional setting, clarify your career objectives, develop a professional network, enhance your marketability, and gain relevant hands-on experience that builds your resume. With advanced planning, you may have time to incorporate multiple experiential learning opportunities, like study abroad and focused internship experiences, into your academic plan. It is never too early to start looking into opportunities!

UCDC Washington Program

UCDC is a multi-campus residential, instructional and research center that provides students from all of the ten University of California campuses with opportunities to study, research, work, and live within Washington's rich cultural, political and international heritage. The program is open to juniors and seniors in all majors. Students earn 12-18 course credits while completing coursework and a 24-32 hour per week internship.

You can intern in a think tank, in a museum, for a labor union or other social justice advocacy group, for someone in Congress, or for big or little media. That's just the beginning of the list of possibilities. In your internship, you'll get to utilize and hone your writing skills, learn about how organizations function and make all kinds of connections for your future. The UCDC center helps you develop your self-presentation as a professional about to launch into the job world and navigate that world once you're in it.

More information about the UCDC Washington Program is available on the UCSC Global Learning website.

UC Center Sacramento (UCCS)

UCSC students spend a quarter at UC Center Sacramento (UCCS)--University of California’s premier teaching, research, and public-service site located just one block away from the State Capitol Building in Sacramento. This exceptional experiential learning opportunity is open to juniors and seniors in all majors, and is available year-round (fall, winter, spring, and summer quarters). Students in this program gain first-hand knowledge of California's public policy challenges and processes. The program includes coursework (15 course credits) as well as professional experience. Internship placements are tailored to students' background, experience, and career goals.

More information about UC Center Sacramento (UCCS) is available on the UCSC Career Success website.

Other Internship Opportunities

Internship opportunities at UCSC, in the Santa Cruz community, and beyond are listed on the UCSC Career Success website.

Can’t find an internship that suits you? Create your own! The Yale University Office of Career Strategy has a publicly available webpage with great advice on how to approach creating your own internship experience.