History Department Undergraduate Advising

The History Department undergraduate program coordinator advises students in the following majors and minors: history, classical studies, East Asian studies (minor only), and Jewish studies.

Summer 2019 Undergraduate Advising

Advising during the summer is by scheduled appointment only. Email historyundergrad@ucsc.edu to request an appointment. Advising is held in the History Department main office, Humanities 1, room 201.

Stephanie Sawyer

Stephanie Sawyer, Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Academic advising is an important part of your undergraduate education. The History Department undergraduate adviser, Stephanie Sawyer, can help you clarify your educational goals, select classes that complement your academic interests and develop an individualized plan of study. She can also help you identify faculty mentors and enrichment opportunities within and related to your chosen program of study. Stephanie has been an adviser for the History Department for the past thirteen years.

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