History Program Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the history major should emerge with the following knowledge and skills:


Learn a basic narrative of historical events in a specific region of the world.

Critical Reading

Distinguish primary and secondary sources.
Understand and evaluate historical ideas, arguments, and points of view.
Evaluate competing interpretations and multiple narratives of the past.

Research and Evidence

Gather and assess primary historical evidence.
Compile a bibliography.


Present clear and compelling arguments, based on critical analysis of diverse historical sources, and effectively communicate your interpretations in written essays and/or other media.
Develop a research question and complete a well-supported piece of historical writing about it.

Scope and Thematics

Through completion of a combination of courses, become familiar with the history of:

  • The pre-modern world
  • The modern world
  • Transnational or transcultural circulations of ideas, people, and material goods
  • One or more national histories
  • Regional comparisons