Senior Year and Graduation

Burial Mound in Nara, JapanMandatory Senior Check In

In the first quarter of your senior year, you must complete a final review of your degree progress. The purpose of completing this review early in your senior year is to make sure you are on track to finish all major requirements by your graduation quarter and to ensure that you don't experience any last minute surprises! Your senior check must be completed no later than two quarters before you intend to graduate. Students who do not submit their Senior Check for review may have their graduation date delayed.

Complete a Senior Check form appropriate for your catalog year (the quarter and year you started at UCSC) and submit it to the History Department by the deadlines listed below. The Undergraduate Coordinator will review your form, update your Academic Advisement Report, and make any necessary changes. You will be notified by email when your Senior Check form has been reviewed.

Senior Check Form: Catalog Years Fall 2010 - Spring 2015

Senior Check Form: Catalog Years Fall 2015 - Present


Fall 2016: October 21, Friday (For Spring and Summer 2017 Graduation)
Winter 2017: February 10, Friday (For Fall 2017 Graduation)
Spring 2017: April 28, Friday (For Winter 2018 Graduation)

Exit Survey Requirement

In addition, all majors must complete a History Department Exit Survey. The exit survey provides the History Department with invaluable feedback from students who have completed the undergraduate program and offers you the opportunity to communicate your overall level of satisfaction with the History major.

Honors in the Major

Honors are awarded to the top 10-15 percent of graduating students per quarter; highest honors may be granted to approximately the top 5 percent. Honors are determined by the Undergraduate Education Committee in consultation with the History Department faculty. The department considers each student's GPA in the history major, supplemented when appropriate by an assessment of work in the senior capstone course or honors thesis preparation. The history major GPA is calculated based upon all history courses attempted at UCSC; grades from courses taken outside of the department will not be calculated into a student's history major GPA, even in cases when the student is allowed to use said courses toward their history major degree requirements. Summer, fall, and winter graduates will be reviewed at the end of each of their respective quarters. Spring graduates will be reviewed using their earned history major GPAs as of the spring announcement of candidacy deadline.

Announcing Candidacy for Degree and the Commencement Ceremony

To graduate from UCSC with a bachelor's degree in history, you must complete all of the major requirements, including the comprehensive (exit) requirement. You must also satisfy general education, University, residency, college, and credit requirements.

Participation in the commencement ceremony and degree conferral from UCSC are two separate, parallel processes. The Commencement Ceremony is coordinated by the colleges, with whom students communicate about all commencement activities. Conferral of a student's degree is generated by his or her Announcement of Candidacy which is completed through the MyUCSC Student Portal. This process must be completed by the posted deadline (see below) for the quarter in which all requirements (general education, units, and major requirements) for the bachelor's degree will be completed.

2016-2017 Announcement of Candidacy

Fall 2016: June 20 - October 21
Winter 2017: September 17 - February 3
Spring 2017: January 6 - April 28
Summer 2017: April 3 - August 4