History Graduation Celebration

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the 10th Annual History Department Graduation Celebration is being held virtually. Please join the department in recognizing and celebrating this year's graduates.

History Graduation Celebration 2021

Welcome and Congratulations
Marilyn Westerkamp, Professor and Chair of History
The UC Santa Cruz History Department Faculty

Undergraduate Remarks
Salma V Torres, History

Faculty Remarks
Jennifer Derr, Associate Professor of History

Remarks from the 9th Annual History Graduation Celebration

2020 UCSC History Department Commencement Celebration video

Faculty Speaker: Associate Professor Benjamin Breen

Student Speakers: Thomas Herz and Kimberly Szeto, Graduating History Majors

Remarks from the 8th Annual History Graduation Celebration

Madeleine Turner, Graduating History Major

Aren Kurkjian, Graduating History Major

Gail Hershatter, Distinguished Professor of History

Remarks from the 7th Annual History Graduation Celebration

Alexandra S. Machuca, Graduating History Major

Julie Howell, Graduating History Major

Matthew Lasar, Lecturer in History

Remarks from the 6th Annual History Graduation Celebration

Genevieve Ortilla, Graduating History Major

Elizabeth Borst, Graduating History and Literature Major

Kylie Carpenter, Graduating History Major

Bruce Thompson, Lecturer in History and Jewish Studies

Remarks from the 5th Annual History Graduation Celebration

Ashley Leib, Graduating History Major

Rafferty Lincoln, Graduating Classical Studies and History Major

Grace Peña Delgado, Associate Professor in History

Remarks from the 4th Annual History Graduation Celebration

Marley Lix-Jones, Graduating History Major

Gregory O'Malley, Associate Professor in History

Remarks from the 3nd Annual History Graduation Celebration

Helen Elizabeth Porter, Graduating History Major

Simon Stokes, Graduating History Major

Alan Christy, Associate Professor in History

Remarks from the 2nd Annual History Graduation Celebration

Katherine Grow, Graduating History Major

Grace Anello, Graduating History Major

Remarks from the 1st Annual History Graduation Celebration

Ashley Ann Overhouse, Graduating History Major

Elizabeth Weidner, Graduating Classical Studies Major

Catherine Jones, Assistant Professor in History