Master's Program

Tallinn, Estonia. Photo Contributed by Mark Cioc

** We regret to inform you that we will not be admitting students into our MA program for the 2024-25 Academic Year **

The Department of History offers an M.A. degree in history for those individuals who are interested in postgraduate work, but who are not planning to complete a Ph.D. It is a degree program that can fulfill in-service education requirements for current teachers as well as for future teachers earning a single-subject credential in social studies.

To complete the degree, each student must pass a total of 12 courses of 5 credits each and one 2 credit course 280A. Students must also write an M.A. paper of an average word count of 8000-10000, excluding footnotes and bibliography. The curriculum will be nearly identical to that taken by Ph.D. students in their first two years, except that there will be no language requirement.

Program Director
Professor Eric Porter
Office: Humanities 1, office 235

Graduate Program Coordinator
Cindy Morris
Office: Humanities 1, room 201