M.A. Course Requirements

obelisque, Amanda Shuman
  • HIS 200, Methods and Theories of History
  • HIS 201, Directed Research Colloquium
  • HIS 202, Practicing World History
  • One of the following research seminars during your first four quarters:
    • HIS 204A, History of Gender
    • HIS 204C, Colonialism, Nationalism, and Transnational Movements
    • HIS 204E, Transnationalism, Borderlands, and History
  • Two-unit courses:
    • First Year: HIS 280A-B
    • Second Year: HIS 280B
  • Electives:
    • Six courses (five units each), two of which may be taken outside the History Department. Courses taken are graduate seminars, most upper-division undergraduate courses, and independent study courses.
  • Reading Seminars:
    • Two courses required of all graduate students in their respective specialties
    • U.S.: 210A-B, Readings in U.S. History
    • Europe: 251A-B, Readings in European Social and Cultural History
    • East Asia: 230A, Readings in Late Imperial China; 230C, Readings in 20th Century China; 230B, Engendering China; 242, Readings in Modern Japan