Ph.D. Recipients by Year

Notre Dame de Paris, France. Photo Contributed by Gail Hershatter

Ph.D.s Awarded in 2022 - 2023

CHANG, Sarah Shu (BA, Stanford University) "In Search of the Socialist Working Woman: The Spatial Politics of Gender in Chengdu from Maoism to State Capitalism"

HAN, Kyuhyun (BA, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies) "Seeing the Forest Like a State: Forest Management, Wildlife Conservation, and Center-Periphery Relations in Northeast China, 1949 – 1988"

HICKEY, Donald (BA, George Washington University; MA, California State University, Fullerton)“When Johnny Reb and Billy Yank Went Marching West: A History of American Civil War Veterans in California: 1865-1930.”

JACKSON, Lisa (BA, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; MA, San Francisco State University) "Twenty-Four Hour Party People: A Transnational History of Communist Bodies, 1919-1943"

JOESTEN, Daniel (BA, San Jose State University; MA, University of Utah) "Between Subject and Alien: Adecolo"nization, Citizenship, and the Irish Diaspora in Interwar Britain 1921 - 1937"

KRYSINSKI, Charles (BA, Northland College) "Black Theology and The End Of Time"

MARTINEZ, Priscilla (BA, Baylor University; MA, Baylor University) "By Land and by Sea: Indigeneity, Mestizaje, and Nationalism at the Western-Pacific Borderlands from 1824-1934"

MIU, Wilson (BA, University of Chicago) "Marriage Laws and Practices in South China, 1930-1980"

ZHANG, Jinghong (BA, Beijing Language and Culture University: MA, University of Manchester, UK)"Down to the Roots: Teeth, Dentistry, and Dental Hygiene in Modern China, 1907-1985”

Ph.D.s Awarded in 2021 - 2022

CAVE-LaCOSTE, Bristol (BA, DePaul Univeristy) "Living Openly and Notoriously: Sexually Nonconforming Immigrant Women Navigating Immigration Control, 1852-1920"

LAWRENCE, Sean (BA, Santa Clara University; MA, Brandenburg University of Technology, Cottbus, Germany) "What Do You Suppose This Rain Is Worth?: German Colonialism, Politial, Ecology, and The Founding of Modern Turery"

Ph.D.s Awarded in 2020 - 2021

BERNARDINO, Erik (BA, UC Los Angeles; MA, UC Los Angeles) “Rightful Work: Rethinking Peonage, Free Labor, and Prostitution in the California Borderlands, 1877-1937”

KIRSCH, Taylor (BA, UC Berkeley) "Indigenous Land Ownership in the Praying Towns of the New England Borderlands: Indigenous Lives Lands and Legacies of Seventeenth Century New England"

Ph.D.s Awarded in 2019 - 2020

GARCHA, Kiran (BA, Univ. of Washington; MA, UCLA) "Bringing the Vanguard Home: The Role of Children, Home and Family in the Black Panther Party"

SCHULTZ, Jaclyn (BA, Univ. of Wisconsin; Milwaukee, MA, Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee) "Learning the Values of a Dollar: Childhood and Cultures of Economy in the United States, 1820-1900" 

TCACENCO, Andrei (BA, UC Santa Barbara) "Historicizing Soviet Nostalgia: Soviet socialism from 1920 to the Present"

Ph.D.s Awarded in 2018-19

BANKS, Elyse (BA, Wesleyan Univ.; Connecticut ) "Catholic Interracialism in New Orleans, 1930-1980: A Historical Survey wiht Implications for the Post-Katrina Movement"

CONRAD, Nickolas (BA, UC Berkeley; MA, Washington State Univ. ) "The Voyage into Unbelief: Leaving the Catholic Church in France 1870-1940"

HART, Amy (BA, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo; MA, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo) "Life After Community: The Communitarian Women Who Transformed Nineteenth-Century American Society"

MaCGIOLLABHUI, Muiris (BA, UCD Dublin, Ireland) "Carrying the Green Bough: An Atlantic History of the United Irishmen, 1795-1830"

WILLIAMS, Samantha (BA, UCLA; MA, American Univ. Washington DC, ) "That was our home, and it needs to be remembered:" Erasing and Reclaiming the History of the Steward Indian School"

Ph.D.s Awarded in 2017-18

BRZYCKI, Melissa (BA, Univ, of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) "Inventing the Socialist Child in China, 1949-1966"

GAO, Xiaofei  (BA, Nankai Univ.; MA Nankai Univ.) "Maritime Manchuria: Empire, State and Laborers 1905-1999"

MONTGOMERY, Stephanie (BA, Univ.of Reno) "Gender, Criminality, and the Prison in China, 1928-1953"

Ph.D.s Awarded in 2016-17

BARBATA JACKSON, Jessica (BA, Reed College) "The “Privileged Dago”?: Race, Citizenship and Sicilians in the Jim Crow Gulf South, 1870-1924"

BORTSOV-SHARGO, Ilia (BA, UC Santa Cruz) "Within Thinkers' Worlds: on the Anti-Soviet Promotion of Honor and Humanity in the Works of Soviet and Post-Soviet Historians"

ORNELAS RODRIGUEZ, Ignacio (BA, CSU Monterey Bay) "The Struggles for Social Justice in the Monterey Bay Area: The Transformation of Mexican and Mexican American Political Activism, 1930-2000"

PIETRENKA, Ben (BA, UC Santa Cruz) "Religion on the Margins: Transatlantic Moravian Identities and Early American Religious Radicalism"

Ph.D.s Awarded in 2015-16

GUDGEIRSSON, Megan (BA, CSU San Marcos; MA UC Ivine) "Perfect Child, Perfect Faith Raising Children In Nineteeth-Century Religious Communities"

RIZZO, Martin (BA, UC Santa Cruz) "No Somos Animales: Indigenous Survival and Perseverance In 19th Century Santa Cruz, California"

SHOTT, Brian (BA, Wesleyan Univ. of Connecticut) Mediating America: Black and Irish Press and the Struggle for Citizenship, 1870-1914"

SMYTH, Edward "Noel" (BA, Univ. of Iowa) "The Natchez Diaspora: A History of Indigenous Displacement and Survival In The Atlantic World"

Ph.D.s Awarded in 2014-15

HU, Fang Yu (BA, UC Berkeley; MA, Univ. of Chicago) "Taiwanese Homes, Japanese Schools: Han Taiwanese Girls' Primary Education Under Japanese Rule, 1895-1945"

ILLINGWORTH, James (MA, Univ. of Edinburgh) "Crescent City Radicals: Black Working People and the Civil War Era in New Orleans"

ROMERO, Alicia (BA, Univ. of New Mexico; MA, Univ. of New Mexico) " Portrait of Barrio: Memory and Popular Culture in Barelas, NM 1881-2000"

SHUMAN, Amanda (BA, Virgintia Tech.; MA, UC Santa Cruz) "The Politics of Socialist Athletics in the People's Republic of China, 1949-1966"

TAI, Jeremy (BA, NYU; MA, Columbia Univ.) "Opening Up The Northwest: Reimagining Xi'an adn the Modern Chinese Frontier"

WRIGHT, Dustin (BA, Northern Arizona Univ.; MA, UC San Diego) "The Sunagawa Struggle: A Century of Anti-Base Protest in a Tokyo Suburb"

Ph.D.s Awarded in 2013-14

CANDELA, Ana (BA, College of Charleston; MA, Univ. of Charelston) "Nations, Migration and Governance: Cantonese Migrants to Peru and the Makeing of Overseas Chinese Nationalism, 1849-2013"

HUDSON, Michael (BA, Univ. of Nothern Iowa; MA, Univ. of Nothern Iowa) "Storming Fortresses: A Political History of Chess in the Soviet Union, 1917-1948"

MARTIN, Laura (BA, Marlboro College; MA, UC Santa Cruz) "Precarious City: Marginal Workers, The State, and Working-Class Activism in Post-Insdustrial San Francisco, 1964-1979"

MULLINS, Elizabeth (BA, Oberlin College; MA, UC Santa Cruz) "Making Girls, Women and Nuns: U.S. Catholic sisters, convents and schools in the Dominican Republic, 1946-66"

PALTER, David (BA, Oberlin College; MA, UC Santa Cruz ) "Testing for Race: Stanford University, Asian Americans, and Psychometric Testing in California, 1920-1935"

PAMPHILE MILLER, Chrislane (BA, UC Santa Cruz; MA, UC Santa Cruz) "'Blessed Are the Peacemakers': African American Emigration to Haiti, 1816-1826"

SMITH, Sara (BA, UC Berkeley; MA, UC Santa Cruz) "Organizing for Social Juststice: Rank-and-File Teachers' Activism and Social Unionism in California, 1948-1978"

Ph.D.s Awarded in 2012-13

RENNER, Martin (BA, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison; MA, UC Santa Cruz)
"Conservative Nutrition: The Industrial Food Supply and Its Critics, 1915-1985."

FEINSTEIN-JOHNSON, Kelly (BA, Scripps College California)
"Reading Images and Texts: English Broadside Ballads and Visual Culture, 1600-1800"

JIN, Michael (BA, Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison; MA, UC Santa Cruz)
"Beyond Two Homelands: Migration and Transnationalism of Japenese Americans in the Pacific, 1930-1955"

O'CONNELL, Joseph Brian (BA, UC Irvine; MA San Jose State California)
"English Purchasing Power: The Rise Of Consumerism in Rural England, 1675-1750 "

SANCHEZ, Sabrina (BA, UC Berkeley; MA, UC Santa Cruz)
"In the Name of the Father, Govenor, and "A-1 Good Men": Preforming Gender & Statehood in Territorial New Mexico, 1880-1912"

ROSENZWEIG, Laura (BA, Union College NY; MA-Education Standford Universitly; MA UC Santa Cruz) "Hollywood's Spies: Jewish Infiltration of Nazi and Pro-Nazi Groups in Los Angeles, 1933-1941"

ZAVADIVKER, Polly (BA, UC Berkeley; MA/MPA, New York University; MA, UC Santa Cruz)
"Blood and Ink: Russian and Soviet Jewish Chronicals of Catastrophe From World War I to World War II"

Ph.D.s Awarded 2011-2012

BUENO, Marianne M. (BA, University of Texas, San Antonio; MA, UC Santa Cruz)
"Milatary Formations: Mexican American Civil RIghts and Community Belonging During the World War II Era"

GUZMAN, Christina M. (BA, Santa Clara University; MA, UC Santa Cruz)
"Race, Citizenship, and the Negotiation of Space: Chineses, Japanese, and Mexicans in Fresno, California, 1870-1949"

Ph.D.s Awarded 2010-2011

MO, Yajun (BA, Fudan University; M.Phil., Chinese University of Hong Kong)
"Itineraries for a Republic: Tourism and Travel Culture in Modern China, 1866-1954"

MURPHY, Michael P. (BA, University of Massachusetts; MA, University of Vermont)
"Envisioning Romantic Political Economy: The Formative Years of Michel Chevalier"

Ph.D.s Awarded 2009-2010

BROOKS, Christopher D. (B.A., University of Oregon; M.A., University of Oregon)
"Exile: An Intellectual Portrait of Andre Gorz"

MARTIN, Eliza L. (B.A., University of San Diego, California)
"Growth by the Gallon: Water, Development and Power in San Diego, California, 1890-1947"

ENGINEER, Urmi  (B.A., Wake Forest University)
"Hurricane of the Human Frame: Yellow Fever, Race, and Reconstruction in Nineteenth-Century New Orleans"

Ph.D.s Awarded 2008-2009

CHAN, Shelly (B.A., University of British Columbia; M.A., University of British Columbia; M.A., University of California, Santa Cruz) "The Overseas Chinese (Huaqiao) Project: Nation, Culture, and Race in Modern China, 1890-1966"

Ph.D.s Awarded 2007-2008

MCDONALD, Kevin (B.A., University of Richmond; M.A., Rutgers University) "Pirates, Merchants, Settlers and Slaves: Making an Indo-Atlantic Trade World, 1640-1730"

RAMNATH, Maia (B.F.A., Butler University; M.A., New York University; M.A., University of California, Santa Cruz) " 'The Haj to Utopia': Anti-Systemic Ideologies in the South Asian Diaspora, 1905-1930"

SUN, Xiaoping (B.A., Qiqihar Teachers College; M.A., Liaoning University; M.A., University of California, Santa Cruz) "New Life: State Mobilization and Women's Place in Nationalist China, 1934-1949"

ZAPPIA, Natale (B.S., Cornell University; M.A., Claremont Graduate University; M.A., University of California, Santa Cruz) "The Interior World: Trading and Raiding in Native California, 1700-1863

Ph.D.s Awarded 2006-2007

DAY, Alexander (BA, Colby College; MA, UC Santa Cruz) "Return of the Peasant: The Politics of Rural Social Justice in Contemporary China"

LOWGREN, Andrea: "Street Reputations: Mapping Racialized Sexuality in San Francisco, 1930s-60s"

Ph.D.s Awarded 2005-2006

CHIN, Angela (BA, UC Berkeley; MA, UC Santa Cruz) "Bound to Emancipate: Management of Lower-Class Women in 1920s and 1930s Urban South China"

ESBENSHADE, Richard: "The Populist-Urbanist Debate in Hungary and the Divided Construction of Hungarian National Identity, 1929-44"

HAUGH, Alexandra: "Indigenous Political Culture and Eurasian Empire: Russia in Siberia in the 17th Century"

WENQING, Kang (BA, Institurte of International Relations, Beijing, China; MA, Univ. of Denver; MA, NYU; MA, UC Santa Cruz) "Male Same-Sex Relations in China, 1900-50"

MATSUBARA, Hiroyuki: "Unsettled Controversies: The Anti-Prostitution Movement and the Transformation of American Political Culture, 1910-19"

Ph.D.s Awarded 2004-2005

KALLIOMAKI, Aki (B.A.U., University of Helsinki; M.A., University of California, Santa Cruz) “’The Most God-provoking Democrats on This Side of Hell’—The United Irishmen in the United States”

KLEIN, Stephanie (B.A., California State University, Hayward; M.A., California State University, Hayward; M.A., University of California, Santa Cruz) “Indian Women and Catholic Mission in Mexico and Canada 1500-1700”

PAPANDREU, Dimitri (B.A., University of California, San Diego; M.A., University of California, Santa Cruz) “Peasant Culture and Modernization in Twentieth Century Umbria”

SIMONTON, Kathleen (B.A., University of California, Santa Cruz; M.A., University of California, Santa Cruz) “Downhome From Ulster: Ulster Irish in Megantic County Quebec, 1814-1850”

Ph.D.s Awarded 2003-2004

HALL, Rebecca (B.A., Swarthmore College; M.A., University of California, Santa Cruz; J.D., University of California, Berkeley) “"Not Killing Me Softly: African American Women, Slave Revolts, and Historical Constructions of Racialized Gender"”

ROBINSON, Emily (B.A., Wellesley College; M.A., University of California, Santa Cruz)“"Immigrant Covenanters: Religious and Political Identity, From Scotland to America"”

Ph.D.s Awarded 2002-2003

CHEIKHETOV, Serguey (B.A.U., Novosibirsk University; M.A.U., Central European University; M.A., University of California, Santa Cruz) "Private Entrepreneurship in the Soviet Union: 1920s-1980s"

PURSLEY, Sasha (B.A., University of Texas, Austin; M.A., University of California, Santa Cruz) "The Motherland Calls: The 46th Taman Guards Women's Aviation Unit in the Great Patriotic War"

RYAN, Michele (B.A., Johns Hopkins University; M.A., University of California, Santa Cruz) "In My Hand For Lending: Quaker Women's Meetings in London, 1654-1699"

Ph.D.s Awarded 2001-2002

WAYNE, Tiffany (B.A., University of California, San Diego; M.A. University of California, Santa Cruz) "Woman Thinking: Feminism and Transcendentalism in 19th-Century America"

WILSON, Joel (B.A., Northwestern University; M.A., University of California, Santa Cruz)
"’'Free Huey': The Black Panther Party, the Peace and Freedom Party, and the Politics of Race in 1968"

YARYAN, William (B.A. University of California, Santa Cruz; M.A., University of California, Santa Cruz) "Saving the Redwoods: The Ideology and Political Economy of Nature Preservation"

Ph.D.s Awarded 2000-2001

MAGHRAOUI, Driss (B.A., Rider College; M.A., University of California, Santa Cruz) "Moroccan Colonial Troops: History, Memory and the Culture of French Colonialism"

Ph.D.s Awarded 1999-2000

BROWN, Shannon A. (BA, Cal Poly State; MA, University of California, Santa Cruz) “"Annihilating Time and Space: The Electrification of the U.S. Army, 1875-1920"”

LANGERBEIN, Helmut (B.A.; University of California, Santa Barbara; MA, CSU Northridge) “"Profiles of Mass Murder: the Einsatzgruppen Officers"

VANN, Michael G. (B.A. University of California, Santa Cruz; MA, University of California, Santa Cruz) “"White City on the Red River: Race, Power, and Culture in French Colonial Hanoi, 1872-1954"

WHALEN, Philip E. (B.A., University of Massachusetts; MA, University of California, Santa Cruz) “"The Life and Works of Gaston Roupnel"