Ph.D. Program

Alan Christy and former Ph.D. Student Xiaoping Sun, Erdaohozi. Photo by Tosh Tanaka

The Ph.D. program in history at the University of California, Santa Cruz, emphasizes an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approach to historical studies. We offer a rigorous program of instruction and independent work that trains students in the techniques of original historical research and equips them to teach university-level courses in history. We only admit those highly motivated students who are most qualified to pursue advanced studies in history. We also only admit those applicants who can best benefit from the specific strengths of our faculty.

Just as the work of most professional historians centers around both research and teaching, training in these areas constitutes the two essential poles of the graduate program in history.

Fields of Concentration

In preparing graduate students for research and teaching at the university level, the department offers training in an area of concentration and a second teaching field different from their primary field. Every year the faculty in each field offer introductory readings seminars and classes on more specific topics. Each Ph.D. student also prepares a second teaching field different from the primary field and can choose from among U.S., European, East Asian, and World History. Ph.D. students may also petition the Graduate Committee to prepare a second teaching field in African, Middle Eastern and North African and Latin American history. The graduate director must receive this petition no later than the fourth week of the fall quarter of a student's second year.

Program Director
Professor Marc Matera
Office: Stevenson, 214

Graduate Program Coordinator
Cindy Morris
Office: Humanities 1, room 201