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Daniel McKenna Joesten
  • Title
    • PhD Candidate
  • Division Graduate Studies Division
  • Department
    • History Department
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    • Humanities & Social Sciences Building, N/A
    • Humanities & Social Sciences Bldg, rm 150 (Grad Lab)
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Research Interests

Masters Thesis (2014): A War for Small Nationalities: The Great War, Nationalism, and the Irish Conscription Crisis of 1918

Research Interests include: 20th Century British Empire, Anglo-Irish Relations, Irish Nationalism, Decolonization, Citizenship and Empire, British Social History, British Cultural History, Modern Irish History and Commonwealth History.     

Biography, Education and Training


  • MA, Modern European History, University of Utah, 2014
  • BA, History, San Jose State University, 2012
  • Teaching (TA) Experience
    • HIS 167A, The First World War, Fall 2018
    • HIS 60, Medical and Scientfic Terminology (Online), Summer 2018
    • HIS 174, History and Culture of Espionage, Spring 2018
    • HIS 70A, Modern Europe 1500-1815, Winter 2018
    • HIS 181, Modern Britain, Fall 2017
    • HIS 71 The Holocaust, Summer 2017
    • HIS 70B Modern Europe, Spring 2017
    • HIS 70A Modern Europe, Winter 2017
    • HIS 181A Postcolonial Britain and France 
    • HIS 71 The Holocaust: Destruction of European Jewry, Summer 2016
    • HIS 75 Film and the Holocaust, Spring 2016
    • HIS 30A Making of Modern Africa, Winter 2016
    • HIS 70A Modern Europe, Fall 2015
    • HIS 39B, Hurricane Katrina, Summer 2015
    • HIS 70A, Modern Europe, Spring 2015
    • HIS 65A, Medieval Europe, Fall 2014


  • Teaching Certificates 
    • Inclusive Teaching (CITL Program), Spring 2018
    • Teaching with Technology (CITL Program), Winter 2018


Honors, Awards and Grants


  • Royal Historical Society Research Fellow 2018
  • UCSC History Department Dissertation Research Fellowship 2018
  • Humanities Institute at UCSC Summer Research Fellow 2018
  • Institute of Humanities Research at UCSC Summer Research Fellow 2017
  • UCSC History Department Dissertation Research Fellowship 2017
  • UCSC History Department Pre-Dissertation Fellowship 2016
  • UCSC Regents Fellowship 2014-2015
  • Award for Best Dissertation/Thesis, University of Utah History Department, 2014
  • Mildred G. Winters Memorial Scholarship, San Jose State University History Department.

Selected Publications

  • “A War for Small Nationalities: The Great War, Nationalism, and the Irish Conscription Crisis of 1918” Published in Decies Journal, Waterford Archaelogical and Historical Society. November 1, 2018
  • The British Empire: A Historical Encyclopedia Four Entries: Ireland, Anglo-Irish War, Eamon de Valera, and HMS Empire Windrush. (Santa Barbara, CA ABC-CLIO Publishers, 2018) July 2018





Selected Presentations

“By the Accident of Birth: British Subjects, Free State Citizens, and the Irish Diaspora in Interwar Britain” Presenter and Panel Organizer, North American Conference on British Studies Providence, Rhode Island October 25-28, 2018

“Reconsidering Citizenship: Decolonization and the Irish Free State” presented at Pacific Coast Conference for British Studies.  Victoria, British Colombia, March 3-5, 2017 


“A Declaration of War: The Press, Parliament, and the 1918 Irish Conscription Crisis” presented at “Ireland and the First World War Conference” at University College Cork. Cork, Ireland.  January 24-25, 2014.