Graduate Student Directory

Alexyss Luverne McClellan-Ufugusuku

Research Interests

  • Indigeneity, Shimanchu Indigeneity, mixed-race identity, Shimanchu identity 
  • The Ryukyu Islands, Okinawa Prefecture
  • International governing bodies, the United Nations, UN representation

Biography, Education and Training

B.A., Critical Race & Ethnic Studies and History, University of California, Santa Cruz

M.A., History, University of California, Santa Cruz

Executive Team, Co-lead for Curriculum Development: the Okinawa Memories Initiative 

Archiving Intern: United States Peace Corps, Office of General Counsel 


Honors, Awards and Grants

  • United Nations Voluntary Fund for Indigenous Peoples grantee 2022
  • Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning: Pedagogy Fellowship 2022 
  • National Endowment for the Humanities Funded Seminar: The Search for Humanity after Atrocity 2021
  • Social Science Research Council Dissertation Proposal Development Program (SSRC DPD) 2021
  • National Humanities Center GSSR Fellow 2020 
  • Thom Gentle Endowment Award for History 2020 
  • Graduate Student Association Research and Travel Grant 2019
  • History Department Summer Research Funding 2019, 2020
  • Institute for Humanities Research: Humanities Undergraduate Research Award    
  • Chancellor's Undergraduate Intern (CUIP) for the Center for the Study of Pacific War Memories

Selected Publications

  • McClellan-Ufugusuku, Alexyss. "List of Recommended readings," Shimanchu nu Kwii: The Voices of Shimanchu. Vol 1, Issue 2. Spring 2022. 
  • McClellan-Ufugusuku, Alexyss. "Between a Rock and Two Nation-States: Positing Shimanchu Indigeneity against the Futenma Replacement Facility," The Avery Review. February 2021.   

Selected Presentations

Community Presentations:

  • World Uchinaanchu Festival "Keeping the Spirit of Uchinaa Alive Youth Panel Session" (Spring 2022)
  • Ichariba Chōde podcast "Preserving History" (December 2021)
  • Ukwanshin Kabudan Umanchu Suruti online series (October 2021 and May 2020) 

Academic Presentations

  • "Shimanchu, Okinawan, Ryukyuan, Okinawense? Teach History and memori in the 'Okinawan' islands" Modern Language Association Annual Conference (2022) 
  • "Roundtable Discussion: Okinawan Diaspora, Academia, and Activism" Association for Asian American Studies Annual Conference (2021)
  • Panelist: "The Koza Uprising in Global Perspective" The Humanities Institute's Memory lecture series (2020)
  • "Uchinānchu Indigeneity in a "Homogenous" Japan: The Marines, the United Nations, and the Rise of Denny," Harvard Graduate Conference in International History- Militarization: Methods, Approaches, and New Directions (2019) 
  • "Champuru Conversations as Multinational Dialogue," Oral History Association Annual Conference (2019) 
  • "An Okinawan-American Dialogue," American Historical Association Annual Conference (2018)
  • "Systematizing Obedience: Assimilation through Tattoo Bans in the Japanese Empire," UCSC Digital Humanities Symposium (2017)


Selected Recordings

  • For the event: The Koza Uprising in Global Perspective (December 2020):

Teaching Interests

Teaching certificates:

Pedagogy Fellow: Center for Innovations in Teaching and Learning (2022)

UPitt World History Center: "Teaching Indigenous History as World History" (2021)

UCSC CITL: "Teaching Disciplinary Writing" (2021)

National Humanities Center: "Passionate Teaching in the Research Environment: Meaningful Onliine Teaching" (2020) 

UCSC CITL: "Teaching with Technology" (2019) 


TA Assignments:

History 41- The Making of the Modern Middle East (Fall 2018)

History 80Y- World War Two Memories of the United States and Japan (Winter 2019)

History 167B- The Second World War in Europe (Spring 2019) 

History 150A- Ancient Japan: Emperors and Outcasts (Fall 2019) 

History 110F- World War USA (Spring 2020)

History 100- Historical Skills and Methods

History 150E- History and Memory in the Okinawan Islands (Fall 2020)

History 2A- World History to 1500 (Winter 2021)

History 82- Global History of the California Gold Rush (Spring 2021)

History 59- History of the English Language (Summer 2021)

History 150A- Ancient Japan: Emperors and Outcasts (Fall 2021)

History 4- History of the Present (Winter 2022)

History 82- Global History of the California Gold Rush (Spring 2022)