Undergraduate Excellence Recognized with Research Awards

April 08, 2021

Elise Benton, Elena Castaneda, Rodolfo Gil, Bailey Van Tassell
Project Title: "Bakery and Brewery Model of MeketRe"
Faculty Mentor: Associate Professor Elaine Sullivan
Linda Peterson Award in Pre-600 C.E. History

Vicky Chin, Alyssa Rodriguez, Mary Shamon, Olivia Tarango
Project Title: "The Stela of Maya: Family and Marriage Relations in Ancient Egypt"
Faculty Mentor: Associate Professor Elaine Sullivan
Linda Peterson Award in Digital History
Deans' Undergraduate Award

Jonah Gertz
Project Title: "Japan and Methamphetamine: the Afterlife of Occupation and the Hiropon Age"
Faculty Mentors: Associate Professor Noriko Aso and Distinguished Professor of History Gail Hershatter
Linda Peterson Award in Global History
Deans’ Undergraduate Award
Chancellor's Undergraduate Award

Maya Gonzalez
Project Title: "Remember Us: Holocaust Representations in European-Jewish Émigré Film, 1942-1945"
Faculty Mentors: Continuing Lecturer Bruce Thompson and Assistant Professor Alma Heckman
Linda Peterson Award in Cultural History
Hitchcock Award for the Best Overall Essay
Deans’ Undergraduate Award
Undergraduate Digital Research Fellowship

Avni Lal
Project Title: "Modalities of Governance: Cartography in Colonial Africa"
Faculty Mentors: Associate Professor Gregory O′Malley and Associate Professor Benjamin Breen
History Department Undergraduate Education Committee Award
Deans’ Undergraduate Award

Kimberly Szeto
Project Title: "The Emergence of an Ever-Changing Hong Kong Identity"
Faculty Mentors: Distinguished Professor of History Gail Hershatter and Professor Benjamin Read
Linda Peterson Award in Political History
Deans’ Undergraduate Award

Claire Williams
Project Title: "Slavery and the Discipline: General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1844"
Faculty Mentor: Associate Professor Catherine Jones
Linda Peterson Award in Religious History

Matthew Tracey-Cook
Project Title: "The 1721 Boston Smallpox Epidemic and the Origins of the Opinion Editorial"
Faculty Mentor: Associate Professor Gregory O′Malley
Deans’ Undergraduate Award