Emily Rashid wins annual Fanny Carruthers History Scholarship

March 23, 2021


Emily Rashid, Class of 2021

The History department is pleased to announce the winner of the annual Fanny Carruthers History Scholarship: Emily Rashid.

Anne Jane (Fanny) Carruthers Howard died on Feb. 15, 1972 and left a portion of her estate in a trust. Her wishes were that this trust be used to fund scholarships for undergraduate students attending UCSC who have need of financial assistance, graduated from a Santa Clara County high school, and intend to major in History.

Emily Rashid is a History major, and will be graduating from UCSC this June. History has been a passion of Emily’s for some time – one she has enjoyed sharing with family members such as her father-in-law, who was from Bangladesh. “I loved sharing what I learned with my Abbu (father-in-law),” Emily states, “and he was always so excited to know that I was learning about the history of Bangladesh.” Sadly, Emily’s father-in-law passed away in early November, 2020. In Emily’s words, “I want to continue to honor his memory and share what I learn with others through my own research and studies.”

History faculty member Juned Shaikh explains that while Emily’s “personal relationships may have been an entry into the region’s history . . . she dedicated herself to understanding the changes and continuities in South Asia’s politics, economy, and culture.” Emily’s “[work] on the history of garment workers in Bangladesh shed light on the crucial role of the industry in the nation’s economy,” says Shaikh. “She acknowledged an important aspect of the industry - child work and gendered pay - and highlighted the attempts and evasions in addressing it.”

According to Shaikh, Emily “demonstrated not only incredible ability and resourcefulness in conducting research, but also in writing a paper that provides useful information for historians and policymakers.”

After graduation, Emily intends to pursue a teaching credential and Masters degree in education. It is Emily’s hope that in doing so, she’ll be able to pursue two of her most cherished interests: the study of history, and working with children.

Congratulations to Emily on her many accomplishments! The History department wishes her nothing but the best in her future endeavors beyond UCSC.