Professor Greg O'Malley to give Licker Memorial Lecture

Greg O'Malley, Associate Professor of History and Gary D. Licker Memorial Chair of Cowell College, presents "The Escapes of David George: An Odyssey of Slavery and Freedom in the Revolutionary Era."

May 28, 2019

Friday, June 7, 4-5PM
Humanities 1, 520

Associate Professor Gregory O'Malley presents the life of David George, who was born a slave in 1743, and whose life was marked by a series of flights from slavery and from the stigma of his slave past—journeys that saw him re-enslaved in North Carolina, and Georgia, taken captive in Creek and Natchez Indian villages, emancipated by the British military during the Revolutionary War. This talk will describe his research and the research of Cowell students that was supported by the Gary D. Licker Memorial Chair for this biography of a largely forgotten early American leader and freedom fighter.

The Licker Chairship gives each incumbent a total of $16,000 in activity funds, the use of the title “Gary D. Licker Memorial Chair of Cowell College,” and an assignment to teach a small 20-person 5-unit seminar at Cowell (or sometimes in the home department) in the project area (offered in lieu of a regularly-taught course). The specific mechanics are as follows: in year one of the chair, $8000 is deposited into the chair’s activity account (to be used for research or other pedagogical or professional activities related to the course to be taught); in year two, the chair’s department or program receives $8000 to buy-out one of the Chair’s courses if the Chair is a Senate faculty (or the $8000 salary is paid if the awardee is a Unit 18 Lecturer); in year three, another $8000 is deposited into the Chair’s activity account.

The Gary D. Licker Memorial Chair program is made possible by the generous bequest of the late Gary D. Licker who was a student at Cowell and graduated in 1976.