Center for World History Grad Student Conference

March 21, 2019

Citizenship in Flux: Migration and Exclusion in World History, 1750-2018 

2nd Annual Graduate Student Conference of the UCSC Center for World History
Friday, April 12, 2019 at UC Santa Cruz
Humanities 2, 259
Keynote Speaker: Harry Nii Koney Odamtten
Associate Professor of African and Atlantic History at Santa Clara University

The rise of nativist or nationalist movements in many countries and the closing of borders to migrants seeking refuge from persecution, war, and violence calls into question the world historical context of migration, borders, and political belonging. T his conference queries citizenship and borders across time and region to make sense of their implications for citizens, non-citizens , subjects, refugees, and exiles in world history. We welcome broad definitions of “border,” “citizenship,” and “migration”to include boundaries that migrate even when people themselves do not, citizenships that are defined by entities other than the state, and migrations that don’t require physical movement (eg. movement among identities that can affect citizenship, like race or religion).