Call for Nominations: The Dizikes Faculty Teaching Award

October 27, 2017


The award bears the name of John Dizikes, Professor Emeritus of American Studies (pictured), whose powerful ability to inspire and engage students has been acclaimed by generations of alumni.

Humanities Dean Tyler Stovall presents Kate Jones with the 2015 Dizikes teaching award.
Associate Professor of History Alan Christy (left) receiving the 2012 Dizikes Faculty Teaching Award from Dean of Humanities William A. Ladusaw (right).

This award recognizes Humanities faculty for their commitment and effectiveness in transformative teaching in the liberal arts as well as effective mentoring of students, both undergraduate and graduate. Faculty recipients of the award receive a grant and designate a student from a Humanities program to receive a scholarship that recognizes academic accomplishment.

Current students and recent alumni are invited to nominate faculty for consideration for the award.

How to Nominate a History Faculty Member

1. Review the award announcement (PDF).

2. Complete the nomination form (PDF).

3. Write a brief narrative (maximum one page) describing the impact and effectiveness of the nominee’s teaching. See "Writing the Narrative" below for detailed instructions.

4. Submit the completed nomination form and the one page narrative to the History Department office by Monday, February 5, 2018.

Writing the Narrative

Nominations should address the faculty member’s ability to:

  • arouse curiosity in students;
  • encourage high standards;
  • stimulate students to original and rigorous work through guidance and mentoring.

Other criteria may include:

  • creating an inclusive learning environment that is open and encouraging to all students;
  • relating the subject to other fields of knowledge;
  • making the learning relevant to experience outside the academy.


Monday, February 5, 2018 – Nominations due to the department.
Monday, March 12, 2018 – Departments forward their endorsement files to the Humanities Dean’s Office.
April 2018 – The Dean will contact the awardee and request that the awardee then select a student for the scholarship award. The Dean’s Office will make a division-wide announcement following the Dean’s contact of the award recipient.
Friday, June 8, 2018 - Award and scholarship presentation during the annual Humanities Awards celebration.

Past Award Recipients:

2002 Bruce Thompson – Lecturer in History
2003 Gail Hershatter – Professor of History
2004 Jocelyn Hoy – Lecturer in Philosophy and Feminist Studies
2005 Gildas Hamel – SOE Lecturer in Language Studies
2006 Jaye Padgett – Professor of Linguistics
2007 Chris Connery – Professor of Literature
2008 Jody Greene - Associate Professor of Literature
2009 Cynthia Polecritti - Associate Professor of History
2010 Daniel Selden - Professor of Literature
2011 Jorge Hankamer - Professor of Linguistics
2012 Alan Christy - Associate Professor of History 
2013 Donka Farkas- Professor of Linguistics
2014 Wlad Godzich - Professor of Literature
2015 Catherine A. Jones - Associate Professor of History
2016 Pranav Anand - Associate Professor of Linguistics
2017 Bettina Aptheker - Distinguished Professor of Feminist Studies