History Students Win Research Awards

January 23, 2017


The Department of History is delighted to announce that the following history majors have received Humanities Undergraduate Research Awards (HUGRA) for the 2016-2017 academic year:

Rose Greenberg
Project Title: "An Investigation into the Intercolonial Slave Trade"
Faculty Mentor: Professor Gregory O'Malley

Cori Hoover
Project Title: "Deir el Bahri Project"
Faculty Mentor: Professor Elaine Sullivan

Amalia Hubbert
Project Title: "WWI Historical Research and Archival of the Laura Caldwell Collection"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Bruce Thompson

Alexyss McClellan
Project Title: "Tattooing and Assimilation in the Japanese Empire"
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dustin Wright

Robert Potmesil
Project Title: "The 'Forgotten Boat People:' Memories of Chinese-Vietnamese Refugees in the US"
Faculty Mentor: Professor Alice Yang

Robert Potmesil also received the Bertha N. Melkonian Prize, which is awarded to the top HUGRA proposal submitted.

HUGRA awardee Cori Hoover has also received a Koret Undergraduate Research Scholarship. Double history and sociology major, Daniela Torres, also received a Koret Undergraduate Research Scholarship for a project she will completed with support from her sociology faculty mentor, Professor Rebecca London.

Please join in extending hearty congratulations to these students and their faculty mentors!

What are HUGRAs?

HUGRAs support undergraduate research projects in the humanities. Up to 10 awards in the amount of $500 each are given each year. There are no constraints on the expenditure of the stipend. The top proposal receives the Bertha N. Melkonian prize, an additional $500. Any project involving research within or including any of the humanities disciplines is eligible for consideration.

What are Koret Undergraduate Research Scholarships?

Koret Undergraduate Research Scholarships are intended to enable students to participate in a research project outside of their courses in collaboration with faculty and/or graduate students. Scholarships recipients receive a $1,500 scholarship and up to $500 for research expenses.

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