Center for Cultural Studies Lecture Series - Jennifer L. Derr

October 18, 2013

Assistant Professor of History Jennifer Derr

The UC Santa Cruz Center for Cultural Studies presents:

Jennifer L. Derr: “Embodied Politics and Bilharzia Infection in Colonial Egypt”

Wednesday, October 23, 12:15pm - 2:00pm
Humanities 1, room 201

Assistant Professor of History Jennifer Derr, joined UCSC in the fall of 2012. Her work explores the configuration and experience of the colonial state in Egypt through its construction of the agricultural environments that lined the banks of the Nile River. Derr traces the intersections of the colonial state in Egypt with the material experiences of environmental infrastructure, resource allocation, disease, and the geographies of colonial capitalism.

Derr is also a member of the UCSC Steering Committee for Unfixed Itineraries: Film and Visual Culture from Arab Worlds, A two-day symposium featuring visiting artists and scholars from Lebanon, Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Europe and the US. Complete symposium details and itinerary of events may be found here.