Greg O'Malley

This year's featured article in Inquiry, titled "Beyond the Middle Passage: Intra-American trafficking magnified slavery’s impact," highlights the valuable contributions Associate Professor Greg O'Malley has made to the study of the Atlantic slave trade.

July 31, 2018

Written by Robert Pollie

Between the early 1500s and the mid-1860s, millions of Africans were captured, sold into slavery, and transported to the New World to live out their days in bondage. The African diaspora is believed to have been the largest forced migration in human history, though “mass abduction” might be more apt. Nothing conveys the scale of it better than the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database (TSTD). Hosted at, the TSTD provides details of almost 36,000 slave-trading shipments that took place over three centuries. It’s the most complete record we have of transoceanic slave routes and an essential tool for researchers. One prominent historian likened its impact on the study of slavery to that of the Hubble Space Telescope on astronomy. Read the entire article here.