National Science Foundation Graduate Recruitment Fellowship

September 06, 2022

By , Associate Professor of History 

Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser observing the Nile River excursion zone at the construction site of the Aswan High Dam
The Department of History at UC Santa Cruz is recruiting three PhD students to begin in the Fall of 2024 to pursue research on the histories of science, medicine, and/or the environment in the Global South. Applicants may specialize in the study of the Middle East and North Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, South Asia, East Asia, or indigenous communities across the globe. Applicants may – but need not be – from the geographies that fall within the broad category of the Global South as long as their research agenda is focused on the geographies described.

UCSC is known for its reputation as a center for the study of science (e.g. feminist science studies, multi-species studies, the study of race and genomics). The successful applicant will become part of an interdisciplinary community of scholars whose work focuses on questions of science, medicine, and the environment. In pursuing a research agenda situated in the Global South, they will have the opportunity to join researchers across the university and to participate in various transdisciplinary forums that include the Science and Justice Research group, the Center for Cultural Studies, the Center for the Middle East and North Africa, the Center for South Asian Studies, the program in Global and Community Health, the Center for Southeast Asian Coastal Interactions, and events sponsored by the Departments of Politics, Sociology, History of Consciousness, Feminist Studies, Anthropology, and Critical Race and Ethnic Studies.

In addition to university support, successful applicants will receive additional funding intended to support for language training and research from a CAREER grant from the National Science Foundation on the theme of “The History of Science at the Interface of Biomedical and Environmental Concerns,” whose Principal Investigator is Jennifer L. Derr (History). Further information about the history graduate program is available on the department website. Please contact Jennifer L. Derr ( or the Graduate Program Coordinator for the Department of History, Cindy Morris ( with any questions regarding applying or the graduate program. Applications must be submitted no later than December 7, 2023.