Giving to the History Department

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Thank you for your interest in supporting the History Department at UC Santa Cruz.

History is a discipline that mines the past experience of human beings in order to understand how people and societies have changed over time. The discipline of history seeks both to understand the deep roots of the present and to gain an appreciation for how variable human existence can be. We are committed to training our students both in depth and breadth, by offering courses that span geographical regions and cross cultures, and by encouraging students to pursue their studies in interdisciplinary and international settings. Our internationally recognized scholars teach undergraduate and graduate students and advance their fields with innovative research, publications, and creative activity that both preserve our traditions and map new fields of study.

We ask you to support the work of the History Department in any way you can. It is not a secret that the University of California is no longer adequately supported by the state. Increasingly, we rely upon outside research funding and private contributions in order to maintain the high quality of our program. Your gift to the Department will enrich our local learning environment by supporting student research projects, guest speakers, and other activities that make the History major vibrant. Please assist us in continuing to provide our students with a compelling learning experience in the History Department at UC Santa Cruz.

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