Preparing to Study Abroad

All students planning on participating in EAP must take the following information into consideration:

  • A maximum of three courses completed through EAP may be approved for use towards the history major or minor requirements.
  • The History Department does not pre-approve EAP courses for use towards major or minor requirements. Courses offered at EAP campuses can vary significantly from year to year, and whether or not a particular course is appropriate often depends on a student's chosen area of study, concentration, and the other courses he or she has already taken. In addition, the UCSC Admissions office must first determine whether an EAP course will count toward graduation, whether it is upper- or lower-division, and for how many units it will be counted. Only with all of this information in hand can the department determine which major/minor requirement a course might satisfy.
  • Courses most likely to be counted towards the history major or minor are those that are standard course offerings in history. Interdisciplinary courses or courses in other fields of study are assessed in terms of whether the preponderance of the readings, lectures, and course requirements are clearly applicable to your area of study.
  • All students planning on participating in EAP are advised to use the UCEAP Public Course Catalog. This catalog is a comprehensive list of courses previously taken by EAP students and indicates how many lower- or upper- division quarter units were awarded to each course.
  • Be sure to save all syllabi, reading lists, papers, test, etc from the course(s) you take while abroad. These materials will help you obtain major or minor requirement credit upon your return.

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