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Course Number & Title


2B The World Since 1500 O'Malley/Matera
10B United States History, 1877 to 1977 Lasar
60 Scientific Vocabulary and the Roots of the European Scientific Tradition Hedrick/Lynn
70A Modern European History, 1500-1815 Thompson
70B Modern European History, 1815-present Thompson
74 Introduction to Jewish History and Cultures Thompson
100 Historical Skills and Methods STAFF
100A Digital History Sullivan
101D Topics in the World History of Science: History of Science in Japan Aso
110E What Is a Nation? The U.S. from 1877 to 1914 Lasar
110F World War USA: The United States from 1914 through 1945 Lasar
110G The U.S. After the Second World War Lasar
117 Wired Nation: Broadcasting & Telecommunications in the US from the Telegraph to the Internet Lasar
117A From the Player Piano to Pandora Lasar
118 The Global Cold War, 1945-1991 Lasar
122A Jazz and United States Cultural History, 1900-1945 Porter
122B Jazz and US Cultural History, 1945 to the Present Porter
137C African Cinema Anthony
140D Recent Chinese History Hershatter
140E Women in China's Long 20th Century Hershatter
150B Tokugawa Japan Christy
155 History of Modern Israel Thompson
156 Interrogating Politics in the Post-Colonial Middle East Derr
156A Art, Culture, and Mass Media in the Arab Middle East Derr
167A The First World War Thompson
167B The Second World War in Europe Kehler
172B German Film, 1919–1945 Cioc
173C History of the Soviet Union Peterson
174 Spies: History and Culture of Espionage Thompson
177 Smoke, Smallpox, and the Sublime: Thinking about the Environment in the 19th Century Peterson
178B European Intellectual History: The 19th Century Thompson
178C European Intellectual History, 1870-1970 Thompson
178E Modern Jewish Intellectual History Thompson
190C 9/11 in Historical Perspective Porter
190K Wired Planet: Readings on the Global History of Broadcasting and Telecommunications Lasar
190N Topics in African History Anthony
190O African American Historiography Anthony
190U Power, Culture, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Lasar
194B Okinawan History Christy
194E Women in Japanese History Aso
194Y Memories of WWII in the U.S. and Japan Christy/Yang
196F European Environmental History Thompson
196Q Europe and the World During the Cold War Lasar
196W Brave New World? Scientific & Technological Visions of Utopia and Dystopia in Russia/Soviet Union Peterson