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Course Number & Title


30 The Making of Modern Africa Anthony
61 Classical Mythology Hedrick
62A Classical World: Greece Hedrick
62B Classical World: Rome Hedrick
80H Class, Gender, and Community in China, 1700–Present Hershatter
100 Historical Skills and Methods STAFF
107 Religion and Modernity Deutsch
110A Colonial America, 1500-1750 Westerkamp
110D The Civil War Era Jones
110E What Is a Nation? The U.S. from 1877 to 1914 Lasar
110F World War USA: The United States from 1914 through 1945 Lasar
110G The U.S. After the Second World War Lasar
110H Reconstructions: Race, Empire, and Nation in Post-Civil War U.S. Jones
121A African American History to 1877 Anthony
121B African American History: 1877 to the Present Anthony
123 Immigrants and Immigration in U.S. History Brundage
131 Women in Colonial Latin America Diaz
137A Africa to 1800 Anthony
137B Africa from 1800 to the Present Anthony
137C African Cinema Anthony
140D Recent Chinese History Hershatter
147C 20th Century South Asia Shaikh
150A Ancient Japan Aso
160C Topics in Greek History Hedrick
161B Topics in Roman History Hedrick
161C Age of Augustus Hedrick
172D Hitler and the Third Reich Cioc
173A Medieval Russia Peterson
173C History of the Soviet Union Peterson
177 Smoke, Smallpox, and the Sublime: Thinking about the Environment in the 19th Century Peterson
178A European Intellectual History: The Enlightenment Deutsch
178E Modern Jewish Intellectual History Deutsch
185H Women, Gender, and Jewish Modernity, 1800-Present Deutsch
185O The Holocaust and the Arab World Heckman
190A Slavery and Race in Latin America Diaz
190B Race and the Nation in Latin America Diaz
190D Asian and Latino Immigration Since 1875 Delgado
190F Research Seminar in the Americas Haas
190G History and Theory Haas
190H History of Time O'Hara
190K Wired Planet: Readings on the Global History of Broadcasting and Telecommunications Lasar
190N Topics in African History Anthony
190O African American Historiography Anthony
190P Early American Society and Culture Westerkamp
190Q The Novel and History Westerkamp
190R Research in the History of American Religions Westerkamp
190U Power, Culture, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Lasar
190W Topics in U.S. Civil War and Reconstruction Jones
190Z The Long Civil Rights Movement Brundage
194E Women in Japanese History Aso
194J The Poor and the Everyday in Modern China Honig
194K Jewish Radical Movements Heckman
194L Exile, Diaspora and Displacement: Jewish Memoir from North Africa and the Middle East Heckman
194M Literati, Samurai, and Yangban: Comparative History of State and Elite in East Asia, 1600-1900 Hu
194P Urban South Asia Shaikh
194T Worlds of Labor in Asia Shaikh
194U The Cold War and East Asia Aso
194Y Memories of WWII in the U.S. and Japan Yang
196G Modern Germany and Europe Cioc
196M Shtetl: Eastern European Jewish Life Deutsch
196Q Europe and the World During the Cold War Lasar
196S Special Topics in Ancient History Hedrick
196V The Soviet Experience Peterson