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Course Number & Title


2B The World Since 1500 O'Malley/Matera
10A United States History to 1877  Westerkamp
11A Latin America: Colonial Period Diaz
40A Early Modern East Asia Hu
44 Modern South Asia, 1500 to Present  Shaikh
60 Scientific Vocabulary and the Roots of the European Scientific Tradition Hedrick/Lynn
70A Modern European History, 1500-1815 Thompson
74 Introduction to Jewish History and Cultures Thompson
74A Introduction to Middle Eastern and North African Jewish History: Ancient to Early Modern Heckman
74B Introduction to Middle Eastern and North African Jewish History: Early Modern to the Present Heckman
107 Religion and Modernity  Deutsch
110A Colonial America, 1500-1750  Westerkamp
110B Revolutionary America, 1740-1815  O'Malley
111 Popular Conceptions of Race in U.S. History, 1600-Present  O'Malley
113C Women and American Religious Culture Westerkamp
116 Slavery Across the Americas  O'Malley
121A African American History to 1877  Anthony
131 Women in Colonial Latin America Diaz
134A Colonial Mexico  O'Hara
137A Africa to 1800 Anthony
137C African Cinema Anthony
140B History of Qing China, 1644-1911  Hu
150B Tokugawa Japan Christy
152 Trade and Travel on the Silk Roads  Peterson
154C Islam in Eurasia  Peterson
157 The Ottoman Empire  Derr
158C Slavery in the Atlantic World: Historical and Archaeological Perspectives O'Malley
164B Renaissance Italy, c. 1400-1600  Polecritti
173A Medieval Russia Peterson
173B Imperial Russia, 1696-1917  Peterson
174 Spies: History and Culture of Espionage Thompson
178A European Intellectual History: The Enlightenment  Deutsch
190A Slavery and Race in Latin America Diaz
190B Race and the Nation in Latin America Diaz
190H History of Time  O'Hara
190P Early American Society and Culture  Westerkamp
190X History of the Atlantic World, 1492-1824 O'Malley
190Y The Atlantic Slave Trade O'Malley
194L Exile, Diaspora and Displacement: Jewish Memoir from North Africa and the Middle East Heckman
194M Literati, Samurai, and Yangban: Comparative History of State and Elite in East Asia, 1600-1900  Hu
196F European Environmental History Thompson
196M Shtetl: Eastern European Jewish Life  Deutsch
196N Eastern European Jewish Social History Thompson