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Course Number & Title


2B The World Since 1500 O'Malley/Matera
12 Introduction to Latino American History Delgado
30 The Making of Modern Africa Anthony
70A Modern European History, 1500-1815 Thompson
70B Modern European History, 1815-present Thompson
74 Introduction to Jewish History and Cultures Thompson
74A Introduction to Middle Eastern and North African Jewish History: Ancient to Early Modern Heckman
74B Introduction to Middle Eastern and North African Jewish History: Early Modern to the Present Heckman
75 Film and the Holocaust Thompson
101C Oceans in World History  Matera
106A Vietnam War Memories Yang
106B Asian and Asian American History, 1941-Present  Yang
110A Colonial America, 1500-1750  Westerkamp
110G The U.S. After the Second World War  Lasar
113C Women and American Religious Culture Westerkamp
116 Slavery Across the Americas  O'Malley
120 W.E.B. DuBois Porter
121A African American History to 1877  Anthony
121B African American History: 1877 to the Present Anthony
123 Immigrants and Immigration in U.S. History  Brundage
137A Africa to 1800 Anthony
137B Africa from 1800 to the Present Anthony
137C African Cinema Anthony
152 Trade and Travel on the Silk Roads  Peterson
154C Islam in Eurasia  Peterson
155 History of Modern Israel Thompson
158C Slavery in the Atlantic World: Historical and Archaeological Perspectives O'Malley
178B European Intellectual History: The 19th Century Thompson
178E Modern Jewish Intellectual History Deutsch/Thompson
181A Postcolonial Britain and France  Matera
181B Africa and Britain in an Imperial World Matera
185H Women, Gender, and Jewish Modernity, 1800-Present Deutsch
185O The Holocaust and the Arab World Heckman
190A Slavery and Race in Latin America Diaz
190B Race and the Nation in Latin America Diaz
190D Asian and Latino Immigration Since 1875  Delgado
190N Topics in African History  Anthony
190O African American Historiography Anthony
190X History of the Atlantic World, 1492-1824 O'Malley
190Y The Atlantic Slave Trade O'Malley
194K Jewish Radical Movements Heckman
194L Exile, Diaspora and Displacement: Jewish Memoir from North Africa and the Middle East Heckman
196E Modern Irish History Thompson
196M Shtetl: Eastern European Jewish Life  Deutsch
196N Eastern European Jewish Social History Thompson