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Course Number & Title


50 Introduction to the History of Ancient Egypt Sullivan
60 Scientific Vocabulary and the Roots of the European Scientific Tradition Hedrick/Lynn
61 Classical Mythology Hedrick/Lynn
62A Classical World: Greece Hedrick
62B Classical World: Rome Hedrick
63 Women in the Ancient World Lynn
74 Introduction to Jewish History and Cultures Thompson
74A Introduction to Middle Eastern and North African Jewish History: Ancient to Early Modern Heckman
150A Ancient Japan Aso
152 Trade and Travel on the Silk Roads  Peterson
159A Greco-Roman Egypt  Sullivan
159B Women and Gender in Ancient Egypt  Sullivan
159C Temple and City in Egypt: New Kingdom Thebes  Sullivan
159D When Cities Were New: the Rise of Urbanism in the Ancient Near East and Mediterranean Sullivan
160A Athenian Democracy Hedrick
160C Topics in Greek History Hedrick
161B Topics in Roman History Hedrick
161C Age of Augustus Hedrick
194E Women in Japanese History  Aso
196D City of Rome  Polecritti
196S Special Topics in Ancient History Sullivan