Graciela Villalobos-Martinez wins annual Fanny Carruthers History Scholarship

April 21, 2022

Graciela Villalobos-Martinez, Class of Fall 2022

The History Department is pleased to announce the winner of the annual Fanny Carruthers History Scholarship: Graciela Villalobos-Martinez.

Anne Jane (Fanny) Carruthers Howard died on Feb. 15, 1972 and left a portion of her estate in a trust. Her wishes were that this trust be used to fund scholarships for undergraduate students attending UC Santa Cruz who have need of financial assistance, graduated from a Santa Clara County high school, and intend to major in history.

For Graciela Villalobos-Martinez, pursuing a major in history has encouraged her to be curious about herself and the world around her. As a history major (and a historian), “I am a helping voice for those whose history has yet to be told, or [who have] struggled to be heard. Coming to UCSC has encouraged me to look beyond my research and discover hidden voices that could raise an intimate perspective to larger events in history.”

History faculty member Noriko Aso points out that “Graciela has a lively mind, and . . . is eager to explore questions rather than rest content with simple answers.” In her work in Professor Aso’s courses, and in her contributions to the UCSC Okinawa Memories Initiative (a community history and dialogue project focusing on Okinawa and all the ways that its people, culture, and crises are central to understanding the world today), “Graciela has [exhibited] a passion for history, and seeks to engage with people and communities that have often been overlooked.”

In the future, Graciela “hope[s] to open conversations and new viewpoints in the history of communities who have often been underrepresented, exposing the beautiful pieces of history and the most difficult to grasp . . .” From her perspective, “history is one of the most rewarding majors I have discovered, and there are times when it is the most heartbreaking to be a part of.”

After UCSC, Graciela plans to spend a year traveling and preparing to apply for graduate school. She hopes to pursue her graduate studies abroad. “I plan to take my academic and research career as far as possible,” Graciela says, “exploring my research interests and traveling everywhere [they] take me."

Congratulations to Graciela on her many accomplishments! The History department wishes her nothing but the best in her future endeavors, at UCSC and beyond.