History Students Featured at UCSC 2009-2010 Undergraduate Awards

June 08, 2010

By Rachel Monas, Staff 


The Excellence in Undergraduate Academic Achievement Awards ceremony is a keystone event in Student Achievement Week, an annual end-of-year celebration that showcases the scholarly and creative activities of UC Santa Cruz’s undergraduate students. This June, three students were honored for their exceptional History senior theses and dedicated scholarship during the 2009-2010 academic year by the Deans and Chancellor of UCSC.

Briana Brooks’ thesis, Morality and Social Order in the Great Rising of 1381: the Problem of Legitimacy, earned her three distinctions during her graduating year, including both a prestigious Chancellor’s Award and a Dean’s Undergraduate Award in the Division of Humanities, as well as a History Department Hitchcock Award in Pre-1800 A.D. History.

Daniel Englander was awarded a Dean’s Undergraduate Award as well as a Hitchcock Award in Asia and the Islamic World, for his paper, The In-Between Years: Mizrachi and Palestinian Victims in Israel’s Formative Period.

Caitlin Jolicoeur also received a Dean’s Undergraduate Award and History Department Hitchcock Award in Europe for her thesis, The Abolition of the Atlantic Slave Trade: The Reconciliation of Reason and Religion.

In addition, Huijun Katherine Chen was awarded a History Department Hitchcock Award in Trans-Regional History for her paper, U.S. Anti-Colonialism and Algerian Non-Alignment: Diplomatic Relations During the Algerian War of Independence, 1954-1962.

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