Graduate Program

Monument to the Naval Accounting School. Photo Contributed by Alan Christy

Welcome to the Graduate Program, Department of History at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

You are on this page because you know the joys of reading historical scholarship: fascination with the discovery of new evidence, frustration when the analysis misses the mark, and sheer pleasure when the historian gets it right. In short, you are an exceptional and engaged student of history. The Graduate Program in the Department of History at UCSC can prepare you to upgrade from critical reader to scholar, writer, and teacher.

As historians, research sits at the center of our work. Here, faculty and students together investigate historical problems through a broad range and variety of sources to elicit data and illuminate interpretation. Manuscript diaries and letters are balanced by newspapers, court records, and autobiographies. Some of us work with novels and the sensationalist press, others with oral interviews, and many turn to paintings, cartoons, and material objects. We offer a rigorous program of instruction and independent work that trains students in the techniques and analytical methods of original historical research and equips them to teach history at the college and university levels and work in public history contexts.

The graduate program in history at UCSC emphasizes an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approach to historical studies, encouraging innovative thinking about global historical processes. We search for highly motivated students qualified to pursue advanced studies in history whose interests match the strengths of our faculty. The Department of History, and the Santa Cruz Campus generally, is known for its strengths in Gender; Colonialism, Nationalism and Race; and Class and Labor Studies. Many students are drawn by the program’s developing curriculum in World History, pursuing work in comparative history, cross-national connections, and national histories within a global framework.

We invite you to explore our web site for information about the masters and doctoral programs. As you learn more of what the department and the campus can offer, we urge you to contact faculty members whose specialties match your interests and discover the possibilities of graduate work at UCSC.

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